Frozen · Breads & Breakfast Pastries

Pastry Chef Resource is proud to be an Orlando distributor for Bridor, imported from France.

Artisan Dinner Rolls

LM60D  1.5 oz.   56/cs

Baguette Parisienne

BGBL36   10.1 oz  36 pcs/box


THE BRIDOR CROISSANT symbolizes pure pleasure: light, flaky, crispy, and with a great butter taste – the essential breakfast ingredient. BRIDOR offers a wide range of croissants in different shapes, weights and butter content to meet all your needs.

Pain au Chocolat

B32946  70 gr.    90/cs

B34654  30 gr.  120/cs

All-Butter Croissants

B32181  25 gr.  225/cs

B33241  60 gr.    70/cs

B34000  80 gr.    60/cs

Mini Mango Lattice

B31103    40 gr.     100/cs   

Chocolate Twist  

B30308  90 gr.    70/cs

B31701  30 gr.  100/cs

Apple Turnover

B32948 105 gr.   50/cs

B31252   40 gr. 255/cs

Cranberry Twist  

B32155  90 gr.    70/cs

B32156  30 gr.  100/cs

Pain a la Crème

B32063  90 pr.    60/cs

B32330  30 gr.  180/cs

Pain au Raisin

B32951    105 gr. 60pcs/cs


Almond Croissant

B52387    3.5oz    60/cs

Black Olive Fusette

B32954  45 gr.  50/cs

Fusette Recette Baguette

B32913  45 gr.   50 /cs

Multi Grain Croissants

B52405  1.6 oz.  120/cs

B52385  3.6 oz.    54/cs

Champagne Sourdough

B32949  45 gr.    50/cs

Green Olive

B30897  45 gr.    45/cs

Carré Nature Rustique

B34921  40 gr.  50 /cs

Multi Grain Roll

B32916  45 gr.    60/cs

“Yummy” Neutral Crepe

B7073 - 14” 50 ct

B7052 -   6” 80 ct

Ancient Grain Ciabatta Baquette

52325  11.8 oz.   24 pcs/box

Baguette Ciabatta

60BGCB  11.6 oz  30 pcs/box

Cinnamon Roll

B52435    4.6 oz    30 pc./cs.

B32157    1.2 oz    260 pc/cs

Danish Snail mini

FB52143    45gr    120 pc./cs.

Apricot Croissant

B30009    115gr    60 pc./cs.

Madeleine Sugelle

B40949  45 gr.   60 /cs

Mini Strawberry Lattice

B32942    40 gr.     100/cs   

Mini Apple Lattice

B31106    40 gr.     100/cs   

Mini Cherry Lattice

B31104    40 gr.     100/cs   

Mini Raspberry Danish

FB52439    1.5oz.     80/cs   

Margherita Savory

B52556  110 gr.    36/cs

Spinach Feta Savory

B52400   110gr    36cs.

Leek Parmesan Savory  

B52401  110 gr.    36/cs

Tomato Olive

B52399 110 gr.   36/cs

EGG Savory

B52402  110 gr.   36 /cs