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Pastry Chef Resource is always looking for new products to present to our Pastry Chef’s.


Bridor Macarons

192 pc / cs

Assorted: Dark Chocolate, White chocolate,
Raspberry, Apricot, Lemon, Pistachio.


Bridor Madeleines

60 pc / cs 45 gr

Caramelization Spray and Sugar

GC001 - Alcohol Spray
GC003 - Sugar Shards


Yummy Sweet Crepe

B7072 - 12” 50 ct

B7052 -   6” 80 ct

Mina’s Purely Divine Gluten Free Mixes

A504 - All Purpose Gluten Free Baking Mix

C106 - Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix (1 lb)

C504 - Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix (5 lb)

B504 - Gluten Free Bread Mix


Chocolate Crispy

Strip Cake

34cm x 9cm     3/Cs

Three kinds of chocolate mousse layers mixed wonderfully with it’s crunchy hazelnut base.


Mango Passion Fruit

Strip Cake

34cm x 9cm     3/Cs

A very refreshing dessert combining the sweetness of mango and the strength of passion fruit.


Callebaut Decor

Mini Mix Chocolate Crisp Pearls

15 oz

Assorted: Dark, Milk and White


1 x Raspberry/Strawberry

1 x Tiramisu

1 x Triple Chocolate Crispy

34cm x 9cm     3/Cs

The perfect dessert treat now comes in a box of assorted Bande cakes.

Petit Fours Mix 
1. Pear-Verbena Tartlet
2. Apricot-Honey Entremets
3. Dark Chocolate Mini éclair
4. Raspberry-Fromage Blanc Tartlet
5. Coconut-Passion Fruit Chocolate Shell
6. Lemon Tartlet
7. Morello cherry-Pistachio Tartlet
8. Entremets like a Concerto
9. Praline cream Puff

7 ea per recipe, 1 tray per box, 63 pieces


1. Vanilla
2. Lemon, almond slivers
3. Cocoa
4. Vanilla, almond slivers
5. Pistachio
6. Cocoa with extra cocoa nibs
7. Lemon
8. Pistachio, pistachio slivers


6 ea per recipe, 1 tray per box, 48 pieces