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Flexipan’s,  Molds and more...

We have developed a unique combination of glass fabric and food grade silicone that sets the Flexipan® line apart from the competition. Our proprietary technology is easy to use since it is exceptionally non-sticky, and therefore quick to demold. Flexipan® molds are available in more than 200 different shapes and a variety of sizes, both for individual cakes as well as for decorations. 

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One Way Comfort Green

Piping Pastry Bags

With it’s special “soft touch” grip, Comfort Green represents the top-of-the-line segment in piping bags. Comfort Green uses a unique, patented production process.

They always come straight off the roll, or clean out of the box, fit snugly in the hand and are always easy to use.

Item # IF1026

100 / Box

Molecular Gastronomy Essential Tool Kit

Cuisine Tech is the perfect source for all your technical and modern cooking ingredients.

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Item # CT1024

1 - set of Measuring spoons for dosing diameter spheres

2 - syringes for depositing tiny caviar spheres

2 - spoodles for collecting, straining and rinsing spheres

1 - Caviar maker w/2 syringes

1 - vaccu-pette of 96 wells to dispense larger drops of caviar

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Pavoni Italia Molds

Release your creativity and flair for design with Pavoni Italia! With years of industry experience creating silicone moulds for the pastry, restaurant and the catering industry, Pavoni brings its unique Italian designs to the home chef. Made of 100% platinum silicone, Pavoni moulds are made of top quality products for home use. Moulds are BPA free, odourless and taste free – suitable for deserts, frozen and baked goods. Pavoni moulds are dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwave and oven safe

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Item# SC70020 - Clean-Matic 125p  1.24 ltr/2 bars

Top-quality hand compression High Heat sprayer especially designed for
spray glaze. Pick yours up today in stock.

  1. Ergonomic and efficient hand pump makes it faster and more comfortable

  2. Large filling opening makes filling and cleaning a breeze

Puratos Harmony Ready is your ideal solution for glazing entire trays of pastries in minutes. Harmony is known as the shine of traditional patisserie. The product is especially designed for High Heat Birchmeier Sprayer. Use Harmony Ready to glaze your most extravagant and asymmetric decorations.

Professional Egg Separator - designed for rapid separation of whole eggs

Quickly and easily separates the whole eggs into yolks and whites to meet your specific baking and culinary needs.

How it works !

The unique design works by gravity.

Simply crack a whole egg at the top of the inclined slide.

The whole egg progresses down through the slide, where perforated slots separate the whites from the yolk.

The egg whites fall below to the second inclined slide were they are deposited into a separate container.

The clean egg yolk drops-off the end of the slide into another separate container.

Commercial-grade unit crafted of stainless steel.

Dimensions: length 22 1/2", width 5", height 13"

Made in Canada