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This item is not available for shipping. Available for pick up at our Orlando warehouse or delivery to your business in the Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota and Venice Areas.


Concentrated paste to flavor gelato and pastry. Gelatech provides you with a complete solution to produce the finest gelato and ice cream in your kitchen or shop. The concentrated pastes can also give great boosts of flavor to all your pastries.


Weight: 6.6 lbs

Amarena Cherry Paste - Gelatech

SKU: GE1000
  • Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)

    Ingredients:  Sugar, glucose syrup, sour cherries, acidifier: citric acid, concentrated sour cherry juice, concentrated fruit and vegetable food coloring (carrot, black currant), stabilizers: locust bean gum, carrageenan.

    Additional Notes:  Stir well before each use. Protect from light and heat.

    Directions: Dosage: 100-130 g/ each kg of gelato base 100-130 g/ each kg for pastry products Best used in addition to fresh or frozen fruit.

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