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Apricot Croissant

SKU: B30009


Apricot Croissant


60 ct/cs


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    Bridor Apricot Croissant 115g / 60 pcs

    Part baked frozen apricot danishes, ready to bake. Those French danish pastries are Ready to Bake and don't need to be egg washed before baking.


    The Bridor apricot croissant pastry is a French must. It's a combination of 100% butter pastry, custard cream and half apricots.

    Perfect for snack and breakfast.



    For a better result, defreeze the products 20 mn at room temperature.

    Then, bake at 165-170°C for 16-18 minutes.

    The baking guidelines are approximate and may need to be adjusted to suit your equipment.


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