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Avalanche Chocolate Danish

SKU: FB52432

Florida Bakery

Avalanche Chocolate Danish

4.1 oz / 115 gr

60 ct/cs

  • Ready to Bake

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    Avalanche Chocolate Danish

    4.1 oz / 115 gr

    60 ct/cs

    Bridor ready to bake pastries. Bridor has introduced a Chocolate Avalanche pastry created to please the North American palette with its generous amount of milk chocolate filling.


    Our Chocolate Avalanche is in a class by itself,” said Jean-François Duquesne, CEO, Bridor Inc. and Bridor USA Inc. “Our success is dependent on our client’s success, which is why providing high quality and innovative pastries that bring novelty to the category is key in order to ensure consumer satisfaction.” The Chocolate Avalanche is made with croissant dough that contains pure butter, fresh milk and fresh eggs, delivering the ultimate in quality and indulgence, and reflecting the company’s French baking heritage and expertise.

    Geared toward customer efficiency and satisfaction, the products are pre-egg-washed and pre-proofed for time-saving, hassle-free baking upon arrival.

    The brand new Chocolate Avalanche gives customers a different oblong shape and style of Danish and contains 35 grams of fine milk chocolate filling.