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Bob's Red Mill Organic buckwheat flour is whole grain, nutritious, and packs a wonderful earthy flavor. A bit of a misnomer, buckwheat is not Related to wheat at all. In fact, it's not even a grain, but rather, a seed and one true cousin of rhubarb. Commonly used in pancakes, buckwheat flour is also great for quick breads and yeast breads. It's also the vital ingredient in Russian blinis and buckwheat crepes! Note: although buckwheat is a gluten free Grain, This product is not produced in Our gluten free facility. Check out our other buckwheat products which are gluten free, like organic Creamy buckwheat hot cereal, organic buckwheat groats, and kasha. Certified organic by QAI.


Weight: 22 oz.

Buckwheat Flour - Bob's Red Mill

SKU: BC3763
  • Organic whole grain buckwheat

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