Cherry Kirsch Water Based Flavoring

3.9 oz


Cherry Kirsch Water Based flavoring

SKU: GA302
  • Cherry Kirsch Flavoring

    Product Code:  GA302

    All natural water-based concentrated flavoring.

    3.9 oz. Plastic Bottle

    Intense, concentrated flavoring that adds defined background aroma and flavor notes to food products. Use sparingly. Very low dosage.

    Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)

    Ingredients:  Flavoring preparations, Natural flavoring substances, Water, Inverted sugar, Acacia gum, Propylene glycol, Sunflower oil, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Cyanhydric acid

    Additional Notes:  Do not taste directly. Flavors are intended as a flavoring ingredient only. Avoid direct contact with mouth, eyes, and skin. *Natural Flavor

    Applications: As a flavoring ingredient. Water soluble.

    Directions: Dosage .1%-1% maximum