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Versatile, delicious cherry sauce, doesn't contain artificial colourings, indispensable for tasty gelato and pastry recipes. 


Weight: 11 lbs


Quantity: 2 ct

Cherry Paste - Mec3

SKU: MC14347A
  • Gelato

  • The power of cherries for a gelato that bursts with flavor!

    Try Cherry Paste in the famous Cherry Mania Kit (Code 14350), where the chocolate and amaretto biscuits of Cioccomania Ripple are a perfect match for Cherry Mania.


    MEC3 Cherry Gelato Paste is a natural flavouring paste made with the highest quality ingredients. It is perfect for use in gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt. The intense flavor of MEC3 Cherry Gelato Paste makes it perfect for use in any cherry-flavoured recipe. Try it in a Cherry Garcia ice cream, or use it to top a cheesecake or cupcake.

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