Chicken Flavor Base - Classic chicken consomme, well seasoned, without herb garnish, without flavor enhancers. Well rounded clear stock that subtly underlines the flavors in innumerable chicken dishes including cream soups, clear soups, veloutees, rice dishes, and more. 


Weight: 32 oz

Chicken Flavor Base Paste - Haco

SKU: SC8000441
    • Unit: 32 oz
    • Yield per unit: 16 gal
    • Dosage per gallon: 2 oz
    • Servings per serving size: 256/1 cup 

    Highest yielding Soup Bases in the marketplace (8 gal/lb) • Crystal clear stocks, “from scratch” taste and appearance • Facilitates HACCP procedures • No refrigeration necessary, long shelf life No MSG, Paste