Cremodan 30 Ice Cream Stabilizer

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  • 1lb cardboard Cylinder


Hot process stabilizer and emulsifier for ice creams.

Enhances texture and shelf life of dairy based frozen confections. Very low dosage.


Directions: Dosage: add 0.5% of total mass of all other ingredients (5g per 1kg).

Dose can range from 0.25-0.60%.

Typical ice cream production: Weigh all the ingredients.

Mix the Cremodan 30 with 1/4 (by weight) of the sugar.

Mix remaining sugar with dextrose and glucose powder or other sweeteners.

1- Blend milk well with strong agitation. Place over heat.

2- At 25ºC/ 77ºF, add the powered dairy product.

3- At 30°C/ 86ºF, add the sugar/dextrose/glucose mix.

4- At 35°C/ 95ºF, add the heavy cream or melted butter.

5- At 45ºC/ 113ºF, add the sugar/Cremodan 30 mixture.

6- Bring to a full boil.

7- Remove from heat. Cover with plastic film. Cool as quickly as possible.

8- Mature for 1 to 4 hours minimum. Best maturation occurs after 12 hours.

9- Immediately before processing, add the fruit puree.


11- Process.

Cremodan 30

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