Produce quality, light beers and baked goods with this 50 lb. dextrose corn sugar! Dextrose sugar is a light, stark white, powdery sugar that is derived from cornstarch. This sugar absorbs more wet ingredients in baking than regular sugar, and can be used as a sweetener for food, beverages, and even in industrial uses! Commonly used to aid in the fermentation process of brewing beer or for priming during bottling, dextrose sugar is an affordable way to create high-quality, light bodied beverages without changing the flavor profile. Plus, this sugar gives beers an extra sweetener that isn't overpowering or sticky-sweet in comparison to other sweeteners such as malt syrup or cane sugar. Dextrose sugar is a simple sugar made from corn and is only 50-75% as sweet as regular sugar. Additionally, dextrose corn sugar is commonly added to some food and beverage products to aid in extending the product's shelf life.


Weight: 50 lbs

Dextrose Corn Sugar (50 lbs)

  • Mostly used as a priming sugar, dextrose corn sugar gives alcohol its in-bottle, fizzy carbonation. You can also use a small amount (about 10% of total fermentables) of this sugar to increase canned alcohol content! The powdered sugar consistency dissolves more quickly than regular sugar, is 100% fermentable, and being derived from corn only gives your alcohol a very subtle, sweet flavor, allowing your other ingredients to stand out. With its properties being gluten free, you can even use this corn sugar when crafting gluten free beers for your patrons!