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A premium-quality rich and creamy caramel filling made with sweet condensed milk, based on the authentic Dulce De Leche dessert. 


Weight: 20 lbs

    Dulce de Leche Filling - Puratos

    SKU: PS4108892
    • Deli is a top quality range of rich cream filling preparations that make good baking taste great. Each filling follows an authentic and timeless recipe and is created only using the finest ingredients. Unsurprisingly the result is a perfectly textured and exquisitely flavored dessert or snack for every occasion. Deli can be used straight from the pail or blended as a filling or topping. The varieties are so easy to use and so versatile that you have thousands of creative possibilities to choose from. We suggest you try each of the Deli varieties and use them in all your fresh and frozen sweet goods.

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