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Fidel Sour Enhancer

SKU: PS1107199


Fidel Sour Enhancer

LW90 Flav Sapore


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    Sapore Fidelio, great tasting bread starts with Sapore.


    Sapore Fidelio is a pasteurized liquid wheat sourdough for the creation of typical San Francisco sourdough bread.


    Clean label, ready-to-use, based on natural fermentation flavor. 



    • Bagel
    • Ciabatta
    • Crisp bread - Rusks
    • Flat bread
    • Hamburger bun
    • Laminated
    • Loaf bread
    • Local bread
    • Pizza
    • Rolls
    • Savoury snacking
    • Soft rolls
    • Toast bread
    • Yeast raised donut
    • Advantages
    • Unique taste profile for all bread applications 
    • All Natural flavor solution
    • Easy and convenient to use: Ready to use and shelf life stable 
    • Flexibility: combine with own starter or combine different Sapore flavors in one recipe





    Keep in a dry place ( R.H.: max 65%), between (60-78°F). 



    Wheat breads (French or Italian breads): 2%

    San Francisco breads: 10-12%

    Viennoiseries, brioches: 1.5%

    Kosher?  yes