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Pastry Chef Resource Inc.

Filter Square Dark Mini Topper

SKU: VDP-1200


Cake Grid Mini Round

150 Tray

  • Comments:

    Filter Square Mini Chocolate Decoration 150 pieces per Tray

    These chocolates with a mesh-like pattern are simply a great way to finish small or individual pastries with a perfectly shiny dark chocolate touch. Their dark chocolate taste pairs with any fruity, creamy, caramelly or nutty pastry interior.

    These Filter Square Mini Cake Tops are also great for enriching softer textures such as crèmes, bavarois or sponge with a delightful chocolate crunch. And they'll serve perfectly as a base or decoration for desserts, chocolate mousses and ice creams as well. 

    Pieces: 150

    Shape: Square

    Dimensions: 40 X 40 MM

    Color: Dark chocolate

    Suitable for vegetarians: yes

    Suitable for vegan: no

    Kosher: yes

    Halal: yes

    GMO-free: yes

    Contains AZO dyes: no

    FDA approved: yes

    All Natural: yes