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Mojito Cocktail Puree



Mojito Cocktail

Frozen Fruit Purée

5 x 1kg 

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    Mojito Cocktail Frozen Puree

    Product Code:  RAV833

    Frozen lime and mint puree blend. Perfect for cocktails. Just add rum.

    2.2 lb. Plastic Bin // 5 Plastic Bins per Case

    Composed of lime juice and crushed mint. The resealable lid allows you to remove only the amount of puree that you need to use. No coloring, flavoring, or preservatives added. This puree is a mix of several fruit. Each one is processed separately, then mixed, to maintain the individual flavor


    Storage Conditions:  Frozen

    Ingredients:  Water, reconstituted lime juice and lime juice, sugar, crushed mint, essential oil.

    Additional Notes:  Defrost under refrigeration. Never re-freeze a defrosted product. Flash pasteurized.

    Applications: For cocktails.

    Directions: See Reference charts. To quickly thaw, soak the container in warm water. The partially melted puree will then slide out of the container. Cut the block into pieces and place in a bowl. Put the bowl in a warm spot, or microwave carefully. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated und use within five days.