Whip up all kinds of mouthwatering puff pastries and fruit puddings with our Alba Neutral Mousse Mixes. With a neutral-tasting base, these instant mousse mixes are perfect for sweet and savory foods. These neutral mousse mixes are cold processed and have a light, airy texture to perfectly complement vegetable fillings or chocolate mousses. These instant dessert mixes are conveniently premade, just simply add water to easily streamline baking preparations. To maintain quality and freshness, keep these instant mousse mixes in a cool, dry environment. Ideal for appetizers and desserts, these 8.5-ounce neutral mousse mixes are available in a 12 count box.


Weight: 7oz. 


Neutral Mousse Base - Alba

SKU: 280-187
  • Ingredients:

    Sugar, Dextrose, Maltodextrine, Gelatine, Modified corn starch, Xantan gum, Natural and artificial flavors, Salt, Silicone dioxide (manufacturing aid)




    • 1 bag of mousse mix
    • 9 oz. Water
    • 1qt. Heavy cream


    Combine the mix with the water until smooth, add the cream and whip till firm.

    Add desired flavoring i.e compound, fruit purèe, coffee, Liquer etc.