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Powdered Whipped Cream Stabilizer

SKU: PA5377

Pastry 1

Powder Whipped Cream Stabilizer


  • Comments:

    • Prevents loss of moisture,
    • Cracking, yellowing,
    • Loss of volume.


    Storage Conditions:  

    Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)


    Pre-gelatinized wheat flour, potato starch, stabilizer phosphate E450, lactose


    To stabilize sweetened and unsweetened whipped cream.

    Directions: Dosage:

    10 g. Whipped Cream Stabilizer per liter of heavy cream Sweetened Whipped Cream: Combine Whipped Cream Stabilizer with sugar and add to heavy cream prior to whipping. Unsweetened Whipped Cream: Sprinkle over whipped cream after whipping is 90% complete.