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Puraslim is a range of mixes and improvers that reduce (saturated) fats and calories but with no compromise on taste and texture.


Puraslim is a radical change for the soft and sweet bread industry. In today's health-conscious world, consumers are increasingly seeking food options that are lower in fats and calories. Puratos understands these changing consumer demands and introduces Puraslim. By incorporating Puraslim into their baking processes, food producers can provide products with a better nutritional profile.


  • Convenient to use
  • Cost efficient; up to 50% of fat reduction adn 20% of recipe cost
  • Better nutritional value
  • Less fat and fewer calories
  • Freshness and taste
  • Kosher


Size: 10 kg / 22 lb Box

Puraslim Stabilizer - Puratos

SKU: PS4102461

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