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Tegral Genoise Sponge Cake is a stable and volumious sponge cake that contains a firm and dense structure to avoid crumbling. It has appropriate aeration to ease absorption and absorbs 1.3 times the baked weight.


  • Easy to use
  • Kosher Dairy


Weight: 50 lbs

Tegral Genoise Sponge Cake Mix 50 lb - Puratos

SKU: PS4107217
  • Create the perfect Tres Leches Cake by using Dulcerio Tres Leches syrup and Tegral Dulcerio Sponge Cake mix. These two solutions have been designed to compliment each other perfectly when combined, leading to the ideal viscosity for superior absorption.

    • Usage: Add water & eggs.
    • Usage rate: 100%.
    • Kosher dairy.

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