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A glossy, white icing made with fondant for a smooth and attractive end product. 


  • Ready to use icing
  • A Clean(er) Label product
  • Create better looking donuts, brownies and other pastry items


No pastry is complete without Puratop White N Shiny icing. Add that special finishing touch to your pastries or sweet baked goods that customers find delightful. This is a ready to use icing that can be heated and applied as a drizzle or dip. It can also be applied directly from the pail at room temperature. Your customers will be satisfied with products that have a sweet decoration to staple pastry items.


Puratop White N Shiny is a convenient and tasty white icing can be applied hot or room temperature on cinnamon buns, cake donuts, pastries, sweet goods and as decoration. 

Kosher parve.


Weight: 23 lbs

  • Also available in 43lb

23 lb White & Shiny Danish Glaze - Puratos

SKU: PS4019227
  • Icing

    • Bakery products
    • Donuts
    • Cakes
  • Use directly from the pail as an icing (65°F -75°F), or heat to 110°-120°F to use as a dip icing.


    • Convenient and ready to use
    • Create consistent looking products
    • Create products with better flavor

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