This fondant is perfect for covering wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and custom novelty cakes with a satin-smooth finish. It enhances any dessert with a bright white color and a sweet vanilla flavor that does not overpower the taste of the cakes, cookies, and pastries themselves. Use this fondant to add a sense of artistry to anything you make, and impress guests at your event or upscale restaurant with your fondant-covered confections!


Weighrt: 20 lbs

White Rolled Fondant - Satin Ice

  • Easy to use - This premium quality fondant offers excellent flexibility for all of your decorating needs. To use, prepare your cake, apply a layer of buttercream icing, and then roll the fondant out to a thickness of about 1/8" or less to cover the cake. Fondant not only adds a pristine coating to any cake, but it also seals the cake and keeps it moist.


    No fat, cholesterol, dairy, or nuts - This fondant is free from many common allergens, making it a suitable treat for almost anyone. It contains no nuts, dairy, or gluten, so it's suitable for vegans and customers managing celiac disease. This fondant also contains no trans fat or cholesterol!

  • Great for cakes and treats - Extremely versatile, the dough-like consistency of this fondant can be molded, twisted, shaped, and sculpted into decorative flowers, bows, and character figures. Adults and kids will appreciate your creative use of this fondant, whether it's as a sleek, elegant cover for a cake at a special event or as a special, decorative treat on holidays.