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The Cornucaupia brand 24K Edible Gold Leaf Crumbs make the perfect garnish or decoration for any edible creation. The medium size of the crumbs makes them very versatile to use while making a grand presentation. Edible gold makes a perfect edible cake topper, or edible sprinkles for any dessert or pastry. Add magic to any meal or drink by garnishing it with real 24K gold. A luxury culinary ingredient brought to you for use in any edible creation you like. Experience the luxury of 24K gold leaf and the magic it brings with it.


Weight: 0.1 g

24 K Gold Leaf Crumbs Shaker ( 100 mg)

  • Sprinkle, dust, dip, garnish, or rim. The only limit is your imagination.

    Gold flakes and gold leaf should not come in contact with humidity or steam. Do not touch with bare fingers or hands.

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