This praline paste is manufactured on a production line that emphasizes the fineness of grinding, which gives them a unique smooth & supple texture. The roasted hazelnut or almond paste is mixed with sugar. The mixture is then refined in a specific mill to obtain the praline paste.


  • Extra fluid texture
  • 50% of hazelnuts
  • Sweet taste of hazelnut with a light note of vanilla


Weight: 11 lbs

Hazelnut Praline Noisette 50% - PatisFrance

SKU: PS4002667
  • PatisFrance FL Praline Noisette 50%


    Ready-to-use praline filling made from roasted hazelnuts and sugar. Contains 50% hazelnuts Soft texture Taste of hazelnut. The finest raw fruits, sourced from around the world, are processed, roasted, transformed and blended to create the most delicious products. The results are the PatisFrance Praliné assortment, a range that distinguishes itself through its outstanding taste and surprising textures.

    • Pastry
    • Creams & fillings
      • pastry or doughnuts
    • Ice-cream
    • Frozen preparations 
    • Confectionery & chocolate
    • Chocolate interiors