Almond Flour Fine & Blanched

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  • 2.2lb Tub


Applications: Use to flavor cakes and cookies by replacing a percentage of the wheat flour with nut flour.

Very finely ground, great for macarons.

Product of USA

Almond Flour 2.2Lb. Tub

SKU: NU1009-1
  • Meticulously sourced, our Nutley Farms nut product line will fill all your culinary needs

    in savory, confectionery, baking or snacking.

    The range includes many nut selections and forms such as: whole, halves, sliced, diced, slivered, flour, blanched, natural, roasted, and paste. Almonds • Cashews • Chestnuts • Hazelnuts • Macadamias • Peanuts • Pecans • Pine Nuts • Pistachios • Walnuts.