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A rich and smooth fresh whipped cream alternative. Freeze thaw stable and excellent shelf life. Only refrigerate package 24 hours before use.


As cake decoration is a combination of artistic vision and technical ability, it merits the very best ingredients. That is why Ambiante topping is the way forward in creating truly extraordinary cakes.


Weight: 1 L


Quantity: 12 x 1 L 

Ambiante Whipped Topping - Puratos

SKU: PS4111313
    • Ambiante topping is easy to store and easy to use: available in 1L Tetra Pak / 12 x 1L in a case.
    • Sweetened UHT non-dairy cream for patisserie
    • Exceptional overrun (4X) and remarkable stability (5days shelf life)
    • Whipping yield of up to 400%, which means lower cost-of-use
    • Superb freeze-thaw stability, perfect for frozen patisserie
    • Tolerance to overwhipping, which increases efficiency and reduces waste
    • Easy to color, with flavoring, coloring agents or by spraying it with cacao powder.
    • Extremely smooth, easy to spread, and devoid of air bubbles.
    • All Puratos Non-Dairy toppings have a low fat content and cholesterol free.
    • Maintains its volume after whipping in the piping bag and on the application
    • UHT sterilized: Ambiante topping can be stored at room temperature (max. 20°C for up to 9 months)
    • Ready to whip after cooled in refrigerator, until 5°C
    • Whip on medium speed until desired texture is achieved for best stability
    • Remarkable coverage and workability while masking and decorating cakes and other patisserie baked goods
    • Lets you create sharp edges and delicate features (like flowers) with ease
    • Holds colours and flavours Perfect for your plant-based creations as Ambiante does not contain any animalderived ingredients

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