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Like our other fruit products, our premium, freeze-proof fruit gels and glazes are prepared only by processes that preserve the original flavor of the fruit.


  • Ready to use
  • Swiss high quality


Weight: 27.5 lbs

Apricot Glaze - Hero

SKU: HE1030
  • Hero Gels & Glazes have convinced our customers for years and are produced in Switzerland in accordance with the strictest of quality requirements. Every component of the baking process has to be perfect if you want an excellent finished product. This quality and convenience makes our gels and glazes ideal for any discerning pastry chefs, restaurants kitchen or bakery.


    • Simple processing
    • Rapid and easy gelling
    • Excellent cut resistance
    • Freezes and thaws well
    • Constant quality on the end product
    • Suitable for spraying or brush application

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