Thimble Cup

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  • 72 ct/cs
  • Dimensions:  .94mm tall x .98mm wide
  • Volume: 0.24 oz
  • Only $0.29 ea.!


Very small one bite dessert cup,

great filled with white or dark-mousse.

Thimble Chocolate Cup

SKU: PA9625
  • Rich dark chocolate goes into creating this beautiful thimble cup for your next party. 


    Size: 25x24 (mm) .94 tall x .98 wide

    Volume 7 ml / 0.24 oz

    Storage: Cool & Dry (68 – 72ºF · 20 – 22ºC)

  • Dobla decorations are created using perfectly tempered dark and white Belgian chocolate to create a stunning, eye-catching appearance.  

    They are the perfect complement to your dessert creation.