Cookal Alcohol Spray

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16oz bottle with spray nozle.


Technical description :

Cookal Alcohol is the essential ingredient to achieve blazing and caramelizing shows of your sweet culinary creations.
Process for cooking / flaming / caramelization by combustion of a concentrated aromatic alcohol in direct contact with the food.


How to use :

Pour Cookal Alcohol of your choice on your culinary preparation, then light.
The combustion and the caramelization will be instantaneous and the buckling will be finished when the flame goes out.


Cookal Alcohol Spray

SKU: GC001
  • Cook-al Caramel flavored alcohol

    16 oz


    Cookal developed a new concept to caramelize desserts and save time in the kitchen. Cookal easy cooking spray makes fast carmelization to impress any dinner guests. 


    Check out the video below.