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Caramelized Caramel Flavored Sugar can be used with cookal alcohol to make many creme bruleé all at a the same time. The best way to impress your customers. Cook efficiently and quickly with Cookal’s new buckling techniques. Cooking in minutes in front of your customers, for an impressive result and a unique experience. Click here to check out the video.


Weight: 2.48 lbs


Cookal Caramelized Caramel Flavored Sugar Shards

  • Cookal developed a new concept to caramelize desserts and save time in the kitchen. These sugar shards are adaptable to many recipes such as creme brûlées, savory dishes, tarts etc. Makes a nice crunchy crust on top of your dish. Ask us how you can get your Cookal easy cooking spray to make fast carmelization and impress any dinner guests. 

    Check out the video below. 

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