Silk Bavarian Style Creamfil


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Cremfil Select Bavarian Cream

SKU: 4107163
  • Silk Bavarian Style Cream Filling


    A high-quality Bavarian cream filling excellent in a wide range of baked goods including cakes, donuts, pies and pastries.

    • Applications
    • Bavarois - Entremet - Mousse
    • Cake donut
    • Chou pastry
    • Crème cake
    • Decorated - Layer cake
    • Laminated
    • Pies
    • Puff pastry
    • Snack cake
    • Steam cake
    • Sweet goods
    • Upscale Cakes
    • Verrines
  • Storage: Store sealed container between 68°F -72 °F.


    Shelf Life: 6 months

    Dosage: Ready to use.

    Kosher? yes