Belcolade "NOIR SUPERIEUR" easy to melt Belgian dark chocolate couverture discs. Wonderful dark chocolate (60.5% cocoa) with the perfect balance of bitterness and cacao flavors.
'The Real Belgian Premium Chocolate' -Belcolade chocolate is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement. It is made from carefully selected cocoa beansusing production processes that have been perfected over time. Perfect for both home and professional use.



Weight: 11 lb Bag

Noir Superieur - Belgian Dark 60.5% Chocolate - Belcolade

SKU: PS4009503
    • Desserts
    • Patisserie
    • Chocolatier Applications
    • Dipping
    • Enrobing
    • Hollow figures
    • Molding
    • Panning
    • Flavoring ganaches
    • Mousses
    • IMPORTED from Belgium - Professional couverture.
    • THE PREFERRED chocolate for bakers and chefs worldwide
    • EASY to melt baking chocolate.
    • IDEAL FOR BAKING, desserts, patisserie and chocolatier applications
    • BULK 11 LB bag (5 KG)
    • HIGH-QUALITY ingredients: fine cacao beans and real vanilla.