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Great for dipping fruit and enrobing pastries


Dark Prima Coating

SKU: CB111
  • Cocoa Barry Prima Coating

    Net weight: 5 kg / 11 lbs. block


    Dark Coating Chocolate from Cacao Barry delivers a dark chocolate color and a rich flavor, it cures "HARD" and is perfect for candies, creating molds, chocolate shavings and chocolate decorations. A traditional French chocolate compound coating in a block form. Hard set. Maintains a good shine.

    Coating Chocolate is also known as chocolate compound, confectioner's coating or nontempering chocolate. This is not true chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa butter. The cocoa butter has been replaced with other fats and in exchange does not need tempering.


    Ingredients: Compund coating dark; sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut and palm) in varying proportions, fat-reduced cocoa powder (16.5%), sorbitane tri-stearate, soy lecithin. May contain Nuts and Milk


    Uses: dipping, coating, hollow shell molding, solid molding, enrobing, etc.
    By world renowned producer Cacao Barry, France