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A complete instant mix for dairy custard that is TFA (trans fatty acid) free. This mix is off-white creamy custartd cream, great for Boston cream pies, fruit tarts and eclairs.


  • Reduce prep time
  • Achieve consistent results
  • No TFAs(trans fatty acids)


Weight: 25 lbs

Finesse Dairy Custard Mix 25 lb - Puratos

SKU: PS4107218
  • Our easy to use custard creams ae specially formulated to provide a light, classic flavor and texture with all of the safety and convenience a mix provides. Cut preparation time and save money by using the high-quality and trusted Finesse Dairy Custard Mix. Achieve consistent results when making danishes, eclairs and other filled pastries.

    Usage: 3lb dry mix to 1 gallon water.

    Kosher dairy.

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