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A new generation of freshness enzymes recommended for larger bread applications such as pan breads. Perfect for large bread applications such as pan breads. Breads with Puratos New Gen Intens Fresh stay fresher nearly 50% longer than older technology and nearly four times longer than breads without any freshness enzymes.


  • Non-GMO
  • Clean(er) Label
  • Improves shelf life and texture of end products


New freshness enzymes that do not compromise in any texture parameter in soft bread applications such as pan breads; Provides an improved combination of softness, resilience, and moistness; Tested and approved by instrumental and sensory analysis.


Intens Fresh 2-30 is a Non-GMO bread improver used to make breads that are soft, moist and resilient. Bread stays fresh nearly 50% longer, with freshness enzymes that increase shelf life.

Usage rate: 0.125% - 0.25% on flour weight.


Kosher parve.


Customer advantages

  • Longer shelf life and improved texture of end products


Consumer advantages

  • Fresh and moist soft products at purchase


Weight: 25 lbs


Intens Fresh -30 Bread Improver (25 lbs) - Puratos

SKU: PS4007435

    • Peace of mind
    • Consistent Quality
    • Multi-purpose
    • Versatile

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