Jivara Lactee 40%

  • Valrhona Jivara Lactee 40%

    6.6 lb / 3k bag


    This exceptional milk chocolate has a pronounced cocoa taste, which reveals notes of malt and vanilla. Creamy and Chocolatey. Due to the nature of this product, the chocolate may melt during shipping. This does not ruin the chocolate and it is perfectly fine. Jivara mean "The cream of cocoa". This Grand Cru has a pronounced chocolate taste and creamy flavors balanced with a vanilla and malt finish. Jivara Lactee milk chocolate is 40% cacao. The exceptionally aromatic and powerful cacao beans that are used to make Jivara are found in Forastero plantations. This chocolate is created from Ecuadorian cacao beans, whole milk, brown sugar and a touch of malt and vanilla. The taste is creamy with a light finish. 


    41% Cocoa

    33% sugar

    23.5% milk

    41.3% fat.


    This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)