Lemon Zest

Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF)

5 x 1kg (Sold by the each)

Lemon Zest

  • Lemon Zest

    Product Code:  RAV501

    Finely grated lemon rind without the pith.

    1.1 lb. Plastic Bin 

    The rind carries the essential oils of the fruit and gives strong flavor as an ingredient. Significant labor savings, especially in large scale production. One kilogram equals the zest from about 100 lemons. No wax, no pesticides, and 100% natural.

    Storage Conditions:  Frozen

    Ingredients:  Lemon zest

    Additional Notes:  Vitamin A: 0g Vitamin C: 129mg

    Applications: For flavoring batters, doughs, marinades, sauces.

    Directions: Ready to use.