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This item is not available for shipping. Available for pick up at our Orlando warehouse or delivery to your business in the Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota and Venice Areas.


Mango Frozen Fruit Puree. Consistent quality. A new tub: more practical, increased readability, more solid, with grooves at each 250 g to allow you to remove your puree more easily portion by portion. Recipes for mousse, sorbet, and pate de fruit using this puree are in the Ravifruit Base Recipe document listed in Related Content below. Do not refreeze once defrosted. Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume quickly.  


Weight: 2.2 lbs 


Quantity: 5 per Case / 2.2 lb Unit

Mango Puree - Ravifruit

  • Storage Conditions:  Frozen

    Ingredients:  90% fruit puree, 10% sugar (saccharose), ascorbic acid

    Directions: To preserve the quality of this product, we recommend thawing for about 12 hours at 4°C/ 39ºF (refrigerator). You may also thaw it out at room temperature (for about 8 hours), in a bain-marie (60-80°C/ 140-175ºF), or possibly in a microwave oven (defrost mode).

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