A classic dessert cake based on the lusciously smooth taste of butter, these Frozen French Madeleine Cookies are crafted in France — where the idea originated — and parbaked for easy, convenient storage.


Weight: 18 g


Quantity: 140 ct

Mini French Madeleine Cookies

SKU: OS240785
  • The Origin of the Madeleine:
    18th century King Stanislas 1st, Duke of Lorraine
    During a festive dinner party in Commercy, France, the king’s chef abruptly left the kitchen. Seeking a solution to feed his guests dessert, a servant girl in the kitchen offered to make her family’s traditional pastry. The king enjoyed the little cake so much that he named it after the servant: Madeleine.

    Baked with non-GMO ingredients and free-range eggs. No preservatives, palm oil, hydrogenated oil or colorings. Baked with love in France.