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Pate a Glacier White Ivory coating buttons


Ivory Pate de Glace Coating buttons

2.2 lbs



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    Noel Ivoire Pate A Glacer Buttons

    White chocolate non-tempered coating in button form.

    2.2 lb.
    Cacao Noel


    Buttons facilitate easy handling and microwave melting. Easily measure an exact amount.

    Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)

    Ingredients:  Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, Skimmed milk powder, Lactose, emulsifier: soya lecithin

    Additional Notes:  Store in a dry place, away from foreign odors and protected from direct sunlight.

    Applications: Glazing of desserts, individual cakes, decoration.

    Directions: Melt at 47ºC (120ºF) and cool to 38ºC (102ºF) to use.