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This item is not available for shipping. Available for pick up at our Orlando warehouse or delivery to your business in the Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota and Venice Areas.


MEC3 Lampone Raspberry Gelato & Pastry Paste. From the most delicate raspberry, a paste with a very refined flavor: for a gelato that will conquer everyone for its sweetness. Semi-finished paste product for the preparation of artisanal gelato and for pastry products. MEC3 Lampone Raspberry Gelato & Pastry Paste is a smooth and delightfully flavourful pastry filling that is perfect for any baking project. This delicious, intense raspberry gelato paste has a unique colour with an intense and fragrant aroma, ensuring your creations are the talk of the town.


Weight: 6.6 lbs


Quantity: 2 ct

Raspberry Lampone Paste - Mec3

SKU: MC18080A
  • Gelato

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