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Gahara Vanilla is sourced from the finest Indonesian vanilla beans, hand picked after they have reached full maturity and cured to capture the purest vanilla flavor. Gahara Extracts and Essences provide intense flavor and will enhance all your savory and pastry preparations. Click here to download spec sheet.


Kosher: NO


Quantity: 1 Gallon

Single Fold Vanilla Extract - Gahara

SKU: T107
  • Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68-72ºF, 20-22ºC)

    Ingredients:  Water, ethyl alcohol (min. 35%), Gahara vanilla beans, high fructose syrup

    Additional Notes:  Avoid exposure to light, heat and air. A fold is the relative measure of strength of vanilla extract. A single fold vanilla contains the extractive matter of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans, containing less than 25% moisture, in one gallon of 35% aqueous ethyl alcohol. Two fold uses 26.7 ounces of vanilla beans, contains twice as much extractive matter and is twice as strong. Three fold and four fold are just three or four time the content of one fold. This is a standard of identity set by the FDA for Pure Vanilla.

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