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A clean label presoaked blend of grains and seeds (rye, wheat oat, teff, millet) and flax seeds enrobed with sourdough.

  • Ready to use
  • Soaked in natural fermentation flavors


For consumers, healthy bread is wholegrain bread, but there are significant challenges to making good wholegrain bread: balancing grains and seeds, avoiding the fast drying of crumbs, avoiding hard grains, and ensuring there are no off flavors. Luckily, Softgrain has overcome all these challenges with a patented process that infuses the grains straight into sourdough. The result is a superior taste, prolonged freshness, as well as improved nutritional and health features. 


Customer advantages

  • Convenient- ready to use
  • Functional benefits- outstanding freshness due to soaked grains
  • Versatile- large range of applications


Consumer advantages

  • Great taste and texture
  • Superior visual appeal
  • Healthier ingredients- bursts of grains that are easier to digest


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Weigh: 38 lbs BIB


Shelf Life Up to: 273 Days

SoftGrain Multigrain CL BIB 38 lb - Puratos

SKU: PS4014453
  • Not Available for Shipping

    • Convenience: ready-to-use 
    • Versatility: endless applications, endless creativity 
    • Outstanding Freshness: slow release of infused freshness prolonging freshness naturally
    • Great tasting nutritious breads

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