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A unique cake mix with similar qualities and capabilities of Satin crème cakes that has superior flavor and tenderness that melts in your mouth. A convenient base for moist, delicious crème cakes. Add eggs, oil, and water.


Weight: 50 lbs

Tegral Satin Supreme Creme Cake Mix - Puratos

SKU: PS4107331
  • Puratos’ versatile crème cake mixes are designed to deliver maximum quality, variety and originality. Perfect for developing simple every day cakes or sophisticated desserts. The Tegral Satin Supreme Crème Cake provides a soft, moist and creamy texture. It is a perfect fit when used with fillings and fruit to create an end product that is either simple or sophisticated with the utmost quality, originality and variety.

    Our Satin Supreme Crème Cake mix creates a soft, moist and fluffy cake suitable for every day cakes to the more sophisticated desserts. An easy to use, melt in your mouth cake mix.

    Usage: Eggs, oil and water.

    Kosher dairy.

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