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Whey Low® Gold, Natural Brown Sugar Substitute. Some recipes call for a heaping scoop of brown sugar. A cup of brown sugar contains molasses, which makes your desserts moist, chewy and bursting with a delicious aroma. However, if you're trying to reduce sucrose from your diet, regular brown sugar is off-limits.


Whey Low® Gold offers a healthy substitute for brown sugar that's made from milk sugar, fruit sugar and table sugar instead of molasses and sucrose. Whey Low® Gold scoops, bakes and tastes just like the real thing — in fact, you'll forget that you used a brown sugar substitute when you take a bite of your freshly baked cookies.

Improving your diet is easy: Simply replace each cup of traditional brown sugar with a cup of Whey Low® Gold. Unlike other artificial sweeteners that use harsh chemicals, Whey Low® offers a natural blend of sugars that give your baked goods a scrumptious taste without compromising your health.


This keto brown sugar replacement is suitable for a variety of specialized diets, including low glycemic and fat-burning diets. Incorporate our natural brown sugar substitute for baking into desserts, sauces, glazes, frostings and other recipes that call for brown sugar. Studies have shown that using Whey Low® produces no side effects. Due to the minor amounts of fructose and lactose, Whey Low® is suitable for people with milk and corn allergies. Our sugar substitutes contain few, if any, allergens that could cause a reaction.


Weight: 5 lb 

Whey Low Dietary Gold Brown Sugar - 5 lb box

SKU: WL1031

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