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Whey Low® Granular Sugar Sweetener. This healthful, patented blend of fruit sugar, table sugar, and milk sugar offers an amazing 60 to 80% lower glycemic index, 75% lower caloric value, and 75% lower effective carbohydrate (or net impact carbohydrate) count than sugar.Whey Low® Granular is our classic healthy substitute for granulated sugar. Whip up your favorite desserts, sauces and glazes with our combination of milk sugar, fruit sugar and sucrose. Unlike pure sucrose or artificial sweeteners, our keto granular sugar substitute is healthier and is much lower in calories and carbohydrates. The granules look and taste just like "real" sugar. The only difference is that Whey Low® is suitable for a variety of diets — and even if you're not dieting, everyone benefits from reducing their table sugar intake.


The sweet taste and 1:1 ratio make Whey Low® the best keto sweetener for baking. No need to fiddle with measurements — a cup of Whey Low® Granular equals a cup of sucrose. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Whey Low® produces no side effects like headaches or weight gain. Best of all, it tastes amazing! Plus, the lack of allergens makes Whey Low® suitable for people with milk or corn allergies. Add it to your coffee or tea, bake a pan of brownies or sweeten your oatmeal — we guarantee that you won't notice the difference.Our keto, low calorie, natural sugar substitute comes in a resealable bag. Store it in the pantry at room temperature, or pour it into a sugar bowl to sweeten your daily treats. If the granules start to clump, place the bag in the fridge. Whey Low® Granular has no expiration date; while it's freshest when you first open the bag, you can use this product indefinitely. Enjoy 1/4 of your regular carb and calorie intake when you replace the bag of white sugar in your pantry with Whey Low® Granular.


Weight: 5 lb 

Whey Low Dietary Granular Sugar - 5 lb box

SKU: WL1028

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