White Chocolate Chunks



White Chocolate Chunk 600ct

SKU: CB601016
  • White chunks 600 ct - 30 lb 

    100% white chocolate for baking.
    Give your cakes, chocolate chip cookies, buns and rolls a rich and delightful chocolate touch with White Chocolate Chunks - 100% delicious Belgian white chocolate of course. These chocolate chunks contain less cocoa butter to make them resist oven temperatures up to 200°C. Chunks are also perfect for bakery items that require medium to long baking times.

    With their generous size, they don't melt away completely during baking - perfect for your customers to enjoy the lovely bite and great chocolate taste inside your bakery delights. Good to know: only mix the chunks in the dough at the very end of the kneading process. It will keep the dough from colouring and the chunks from melting during kneading.


    Indulgently rich, creamy white chocolate that remains snappy, even after baking.


    Size: L 7-9mm / W 6-10mm / H 5-7mm

    How to use: Mix in at the end of the dough kneading process.

    Main features: Resist oven temperatures up to 200°C.


    • 21 % MIN. COCOA

    • 24.8 % MIN. MILK

    • 27.6 % FAT