Special for coating : Équatorial Dark 55 % is renowned for its balanced taste and its ease of use.


Weight: 6.6 lbs

Équatoriale 55% Couverture - Valrhona

  • The Valrhona Equatorial Dark 55% Semi-Sweet is a ""covering"" chocolate that is renowned for its balanced taste and ease of use. It is light, and especially formulated for enrobing, but also useful for pastries, chocolate fillings, molding, and ice creams. The small bean-shaped chocolate feves are perfect for measuring and melting. This is an excellent All-Purpose baking chocolate.


    • 56% Cocoa
    • 43.5% Sugar
    • 37.6% Fat
    • Moulding 
    • Bars 
    • Mousse 
    • Cream mix & Ganache 
    • Ice creams & sorbets