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Native Vanilla beans bring a tantalizingly delicious flavor and aroma to any recipe. Our Tahitian Vanilla Beans are hand selected from the finest curing processes by our micro-farmer cooperative in PNG’s East Sepik province and are certified Grade B, premium quality vanilla beans. Grade B vanilla beans are shorter with a lower moisture content of 20-25% and are perfect for making vanilla extract. The perfect ingredient for cooking, beverages and ice cream. Rich in taste and smell, strong in full vanilla aroma. 


  • Tasting Notes: Rich, sweet and creamy flavor, with notes of caramel and a flora aroma
  • Extract Taste: Bold Vanilla, subtle hints of caramel. 
  • Grade: 100% Pure Tahitian Vanilla Bean Grade B
  • Ethically sourced and naturally grown. 


Quantity: 1 lb

Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla Bean Pods (1/4 lb) - Native Vanilla

SKU: NV1114