Curvy White Elegance

  • Also available in white and dark chocolate


This elegant milk CURVED chocolate decor is used for decorating cakes, cupcakes and adds that finishing touch to all types of desserts and ice cream dishes. The chocolate decorations produced by Dobla are gluten-free and made with natural ingredients.


Quantity: 160 ct.


Dimensions: 60 mm x 23 mm

Milk Elegance - Dobla

SKU: DBL97140
    • Color: Milk chocolate
    • Suitable for vegetarians: yes
    • Suitable for vegan: no
    • Kosher: yes
    • Halal: yes
    • GMO-free: yes
    • Contains AZO dyes: no
    • FDA approved: yes
    • All Natural: yes
  • Dobla decorations are created using perfectly tempered dark and white Belgian chocolate to create a stunning, eye-catching appearance.  

    They are the perfect complement to your dessert creation.